Maria Julia Dominguez, grew up with much involvement & exposure to the Real Estate Market in Miami & internationally. Her expertise with properties, both residential & commercial, was nurtured by many associates & family involved in Real Estate, since her adolescence. Her parents were mayor land developers in Florida & currently own Lumar Real Estate, Luis Dominguez the Principle & broker, is her father. Maria Julia is service oriented & knowledgeable, with many resouces & contacts in the Real Estate field. She also posseses a Masters of Business Administration degree, from Nova Southeastern University & has extensive experience in business.

Lumar Real Estate Services, Inc. is an "full-spectrum" firm pledged to providing excellence in service and fulfilling all of the residential or commercial real estate requirements of South Florida. Sales, rentals, income property, investments, management, etc., they can meet your needs. With more than 40 years of experience in the South Florida area, Luis J. Dominguez (broker & principal) and his wife started their real estate careers as a land developers more than four decades ago.

Since then Luis and Maria Dominguez have been involved with sales, mortgages and general real estate services. Working, initially with Century 21 and Esslinger, Wooten and Maxwell, they then established their own firm. Today they offer their marketing experience, analysis and consultation, primarily within the tri-county area.

Is it a buyer's market?
Unprecedented opportunities in real estate are now available!

The average value of both residential and commercial properties decreased in the first quarter of the current year (2011). There have been increased transactions (according to diverse sources) but a marked decrease in dollar value, per transaction. Some suggest this a good indicator and points to a preferential position for buyers, of course.

General values, residential or commercial have decreased greatly since 2008 but transactions show an increase in numbers recently. This strongly suggests that many more sellers are willing to meet the market, which means 2011 will probably be a good year for the real estate market. Lower prices allow many to realize the dream of home ownership, which was previously unattainable. For investors this means the possibility of purchasing at unprecedented prices.

Lumar has years of experience with distress sales and can be instrumental in finding great deals in both the residential and commercial markets. Don't miss opportunities available in today's market, call today for more information.